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How to Use Hyphens

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Updated October 12, 2015, to Edition 2

Which of These Sentences Has a Hyphenation Mistake?

The winner of the pie-eating contest ate ninety nine pies.
The seven-foot tall man was obvious in the crowd.
Her two-thirds share of the business meant that she called the shots.
She owned two-thirds of the voting stock in the business.
He preferred to use a 200 millimeter lens to photograph birds.
She preferred to use a 300 mm lens to photograph birds.
This climate requires that you air condition your house in the summer.
That city typically has a 30-inch rain-fall annually.
He asked, "When will my drycleaning be ready?"
That tennis player's under-hand return is super-fast.
His fans loved his self-deprecating humor.
My ex sister-in-law is a very kind woman.
What is an 'anti-question' to the news magazine's editor?
The foilless airplane fell to the ground.
Creditors do not mind when customers predate their bill paying checks.

How to Use Hyphens will teach you how to find and fix all mistakes!

Plus, hyphenation can be fun, once you learn the twenty-one rules in How to Use Hyphens. Learn about suspended hyphens, special prefixes and suffixes, and even how a hyphen is different from a dash in this valuable book!

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