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Obama’s First Year as president consisted of “government bailouts” to Wall Street, Chrysler, GM with “temp” ownership, subsidies to small businesses, bribe to Social Security recipients, stimulus package “creating” few if any jobs, 10 percent unemployment, 15.4 million idled, a $1.4 trillion deficit, re-deploying troops from Iraq to Afghanistan plus a surge, trying Gitmo terrorists as “criminals” in New York City, no real increases in Defense, open borders, amnesty for “illegals,” continuing trade deficits, “free trade” a farce, no plan to keep manufacturing in the U.S., no peace in the Middle East, “selling out” to Canada and Mexico in the NAU, indoctrinating students with globalization and reverence for Obama, rebuffed on his socialistic, $1.6 million deficit health care plan, and global socialist using Bush as the “bad guy” when things go bad, while freely following and expanding his policies.
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