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Ghosts of Our Pasts

Length: series


Mexico, 1871

Jesse, an outlaw with a price on his head, has been captured. And all in a failed attempt to save the woman he loves from her abusive fiancé, who had managed to track her down. Now, Jesse will stop at nothing to get Anna back, and away from the man she had tried so desperately to escape. The only problem: the dozen lawmen who have taken Jesse into custody. But he soon realizes he may still have a shot at freedom, and saving Anna. All thanks to a very unlikely ally.

For the first time in his life, Ed is happy. He has a home, and Beth, the woman who has captured his heart. But all that is turned upside down when Ed learns that Jesse has been captured by the law. Not willing to leave his brother to hang at the end of a noose, Ed and Beth set out to save Jesse from the hands of the law. But they soon discover that their perilous task could have permanent consequences on their relationship.

With winter setting in, and a cross country journey ahead of them, Jesse and Ed will risk it all to keep their loved ones safe, and to finally get the freedom they’ve been searching for all their life.

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