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Rising Phoenix

Length: 136 pages1 hour


"And when did you first know?" 

His eyes glittered darkly, darker then the deepest pit of the hell I was currently in. 

"When did you first know that your life would begin and end with her?"

How far would you go for a second chance at love? If the choices you made would cost you your soul, would you still make them? 

Lucian Caine spends every day at his best friend's side and every night in her arms. His life is pure bliss until tragedy strikes, flipping his world upseide down. 

Late one night, an encounter with the darkest of strangers leads him to an impossible decision. He can have his happy life again, but he must agree to the stranger's conditions. 

Now Lucian must decide just how far he is  willing to go to have his life back. 

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