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Contribution of Modelling and Analysis of Wireless Communication for Safety related Systems with Bluetooth Technology

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This dissertation contributes to the modelling and analysis of wireless communication for safety related systems by considering Bluetooth technology. Due to error and erasure of information present in a wireless channel, the channel is considered as a Gauss-Elias channel model. The information bits are protected with a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) code and the code word is transmitted twice with its original and inverted bits through the Gauss-Elias Channel. Such transmission results in a Generalised Erasure Channel (GEC) channel. The receiver only accepts the information bits, if the received original code word and its inverted code word are antivalent and the calculated CRC checksum of the extracted original information bits is equal to the received original code word CRC checksum. With this technique, the bit errors, probability of undetected error are reduced and the bit erasures are detected confidently, thereby providing safe wireless communication for safety related systems.

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