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Fated Mates - Virginia Wade

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We had snow the other day, the woods appearing like some sort of mystical fairyland, my boots crunching over the frozen substance. I journeyed a ways from the house, knowing where the path was, even though I could not see it. Holding a flashlight, I ventured further, a twinge of fear and anticipation coursing through me.

Hearing an owl, the sound melancholy, yet comforting, I wondered if that was Sheriff Horton in his animal form. Despite the weather, I felt warm in the boots and jacket, a knitted hat on my head keeping the chill away. The moon reflected off the whiteness of the ground, producing a surprising amount of light. Snow covered pine trees looked like giant white cones.

The thickness of the snow buffered sound, whereby I heard my own breathing far too loudly. He would hear me … he knows I’m here. I knew the way to the cave, my secret lover taking up residence there, cursed to walk the woods for a hundred and one days, long enough for the spell to wear off.

We lived in interesting times, or perhaps, it had always been so. Perhaps, there had always been the supernatural … creatures living amongst us, although we failed to see them. I had also failed to see them, until now. I still had not come to terms with the fact that I was a witch. That idea blew my mind.

The snap of a branch had my attention, as I pointed the flashlight into the distance. My heart picked up several extra beats, my breath catching in my lungs. Another snap, and I knew he came. I waited, holding the flashlight before me, as the beastly were-creature approached, his fur white with snow.

Finn, I murmured, a smile emerging.

He grunted in reply, not having the ability to communicate in this form, although … we did speak physically to one another, and we would tonight.

You look like the abominable snowman.

A clawed, furry hand appeared. He took mine, leading me away. Pocketing the flashlight, I trudged on, my boots sinking into a drift more often than not. His raspy breathing filled the silent air, the noise like some tiger in the zoo, although I didn’t fear him in the least. He wouldn’t hurt me.

Your feet must be frozen, I remarked.

Hairy from the waist up, his legs and feet remained bare, and I could not imagine him being warm there. The snow didn’t seem to bother him in the least, his movements unhurried. He wouldn’t answer me, of course, except to grunt or groan, his vocal cords unable to make any other sound.

As we approached the cave, a fire burned within, a yellowish light emerging from the entrance. He had found this place a while ago, using it for shelter. Whatever animals he’d killed, he had stripped of fur, the pelts offering up a measure of comfort and warmth. Upon entering, I glimpsed what looked like bones in the fire, suspecting this to be the remains of what he had eaten tonight.

I sat on a pelt, pulling off the boots and tossing them aside. The snow began to melt in his fur, his eyes flashing in the firelight, his attention on me. A clawed hand fell to my shoulder, a soft purr escaping, like a happy cat. I adored this side of him, seeing firsthand how gentle and loving he could be, the moments we shared so special. In the cocoon of the cave and lost in our own little world, I forgot almost everything, all the supernatural nonsense and dealing with the witches and their demands, and the fact that I was eighteen and nearly out of high school. My parents lived in England at the moment … and how I missed them … I could let all that go now.

Grrrr …

I recognized that growl, the timbre laced with affection. There were other growls as well, some sounding of anger or impatience and others of arousal and lust. I had experienced all of these aspects of his personality, having been drawn to him from the beginning, even when he was in human form and dating my aunt. Touching his face, I stared into his glinting black eyes, my belly turning over pleasantly.

Will you remember any of this when you become human again?

A low growl left him.

I hope so. I hope you know how much you’ve come to mean to me. I almost don’t want to lose this, but I know it’s temporary. I’ll never forget what we did here, Finn. Never.

He nuzzled my neck, sending a delicious shiver down my spine. I removed the jacket, not needing it in the heat. The length and sharpness of his claws could injure me easily, but he had never truly hurt me, not once. His lips connected with the skin at my neck, a tongue flicking out to taste me. I ran my fingers through his fur, feeling the dampness there. He smelled heady, the musky aroma lingering. I would smell like him when I went home tonight, but it always reminded me of the forbidden moments we shared, the things that were precious.

Grrr …

And now I heard his impatience, the growl that told me my clothing annoyed him. I lifted the sweater over my head, tossing it aside. His eyes drifted over the lacy bra I wore, a claw reaching out to trace the outlines of my breast, his breathing even raspier now. An erection jutted, also impatient for the mating to begin, but … I was in no hurry.

Unbuttoning the jeans, I lowered the zipper, pulling the material from my hips and down my thighs. Wearing matching panties, I discarded them too, the pile of clothing growing.

Grrrr … came the growl of approval.

I longed to be able to speak with him, but that would have to wait until he returned to human form. But, then, I dreaded that too, worried about the future. Don’t think about that now, Mercedes!

Undoing the bra, I exposed every inch of flesh to his eyes, which now glinted in a carnal light, his cock even harder than before. I grasped it, feeling the heat of it, the wetness from the tip. As I took him into my mouth, a groan escaped him.

Ggggrrrr …

He let me have my way, bathing him in saliva and tracing circles around the tip with my tongue. He moaned throatily, the sound resonating. It made me want him even more, knowing how I pleased him. A moment later, he yearned for something else, grasping me to him, his lips closing over mine. I drowned in the kiss, feeling him trembling, the urgency of his desire thinly controlled. I had pushed him to the edge far too quickly, although I felt it too, my sex throbbing for him.

I found myself on my back with the pelt beneath me, tickling a little. He flicked out a tongue, licking my belly, my fingers tangling in the fur on his head. I shivered, knowing what he intended and wanting it too—badly. My head rolled from side-to-side, glancing at the grey stone above me, the ceiling a series of indentations, some appearing rather deep. They all blurred to nothing, as sensation took over, my animal lover, boldly stroking me with his tongue, leaving a seductive path of wetness across my inner flesh.

I gasped at the feeling, shuddering a little in response, my body stunned by the pleasure. It always felt this good … this right. He thrust into my womanly folds, his nose nudging my clit. I moaned then, tingling whenever he pressed into me. Not the rutting beast he appeared to be, he