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The sequel to Resurrectionists arrives and Greg Loren is put to the ultimate test.

On the eve of the Founder's Day Celebration in the heart of Portents, someone is murdering city officials and dressing them up in a signature black robe and cloak. Detective Greg Loren and his new partner, Samantha Myers, are called onto the case only to discover a startling fact linking the murders to the deaths of each of the city’s founders.

What do the murders have to do with the Church of the Second Coming? Will Loren be able to find the killer before the entire city of Portents is at risk?

The seeds are planted for the end of the first cycle of the Greystone series in this tale.

This tale also serves as a primer for the upcoming Greystone Collection, Pathways in the Dark, coming February 20, 2018!

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