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Cherry Pie: Vampire Cherry, #3

Length: 246 pages3 hours


What if you get what you want and it's not what you need?

I never asked to be a vampire, so when Constantine says there's a way for me and Alex to become human again, I jump at the chance. Alex's reservations may have something to do about the process's involving Constantine and me in bed together, but what's one night when I can have my life back?

And I plan to live that life with the man I love. I'll be mortal with Alex, and I couldn't be happier about it. Kinda. This would be much easier if mortality didn't come with pains and aches, and Alex wasn't pressuring me to start a family.

For too long others have made my choices for me. This is my chance to do what makes me happy. But first I have to decide what that is. And then I need to find the strength to claim it, before my options are taken away.

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