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Planting Healthy Churches for an Unchurched Community: Leaving a Legacy to Build On

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Planting new churches is a dedicated response and reasonable service to fulfilling God’s mission. This critical church planting is not only the focus of today’s Christians, but it is also the theological and practical subject of numerous Christian studies that tout scripturally based work for shoring up today’s church. Nakia Melecio is answering God’s call to support local churches, both old and new, and the outcry of God’s people in a heartfelt attempt through conferences, workbooks, websites, and many other substantive pathways for spiritual founding and healing. Church planting is necessary, but it is no easy feat. Nakia Melecio’s ministry will help struggling churches to reinvent themselves and new churches to plant firmly and deeply on solid rock. Through steadfast diligence and unwavering faith, God’s mission can and will be fulfilled. Nakia Melecio shares the vision of how to build a legacy and ultimately claim the victory—methodically, effectively, spiritually, and graciously.

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