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Write India Stories - Robin Chetan Khanna

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Write India Stories: Winning Entries

Write India Stories: Winning Entries


Falling in Love in PANU Campus


Primary Education

Getting Freedom from India

Nightmare in Tihar

The need of 100% reservation in jobs and education

Married but Living In with One Night Stand

Only one religion is true

Please keep gays in different cell of Jail

Foreign Funding

Assassination attempt

Noble Thoughts

Messages to Bhakts

Messages to Liberals

Message to world

About Khanhaiya Kumar

About Author

This book is dedicated to all Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and American.

Disclaimer: All characters, companies, events, places mentioned in the book are purely fictitious, any similarity with a person or company or event or place is purely coincidental.

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This is an unparalleled love story between Mr. Khanhaiya Kumar (the best orator, best PhD student, best political leader, bestselling author in India) and Dr. Kana Gayyub (the best doctor, best journalist and most promising author in India). Love started in PANU Campus Hostel room. Love flourished in the demonetization bank queues. Would they be able to break the barrier of religion, politics and cash crunch and live happily ever after?

Have you ever wondered, what happens, when a girl with low sex drive meets a guy with slight EDS problem and they fail to make love even after repeated attempts. Author Cheatan Bhagaot’s Half Indian Girl came to their rescue. They learned how to arouse a dead snake, by reading page 57 of the novel. They made best love of their life. In the process of making love, Khanhaiya missed the opportunity to meet chief minister U-turn Khujliwal, who waited for one hour outside Khanhaiya’s hostel room. Chief Minister had come to forge an alliance between his Khaap party and communist party for upcoming election. Was making love more important than meeting chief minister? Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Falling in Love in PANU Campus

By Lord Lenin’s blessing, I fall in love with Dr. Kana Gayyub, the awesome doctor cum Journalist whom I met at Tihar Jail. She had come to PANU campus to take my interview. She came to my room in the morning. She was wearing a sleeveless blue top and pink mini skirt.

Kana said, Hi Khanhaiya, do you remember me, we met at Tihar Jail. I would like to interview you and publish it in my upcoming book Bujarat Files".

I smiled at her and started ogling at her as if I never saw any girl before, I said, Let’s close the door, government has deployed lot of spies to disrupt our freedom movement

Kana showed interest in me by repeatedly putting her arms above her head to let me inspect her shaved armpit and overflowing breast. She was enjoying my unfailing attention.

I was thinking of tying her in the bed and force her to enact my favorite porn videos.  Kana got slightly scared, she folded her legs and started the interview.

Kana Gayyub: My objective for this interview is to show upper caste Hindus in poor light, so that we can convert lower caste to our own ideologies and once we became majority, we will make India as great as Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I thought, If I tell my sweet heart that I belong to upper caste, she would abruptly end the interview. I could have done anything for the jasmine perfume emanating from her freshly bathed body.

I said, Kana, we have so much in common, you are Kana, I am Khanhaiya, out name rhymes well, your skirt’s color is red, which is my favorite color, red is the color of communism.

Ms. Kana said, Come on Mr. Khanhaiya, do not flirt with me like that.

Ms. Kana thought, "This bastard is trying to impress me, but I am not