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Mirror, Mirror, What the Hell Happened?: A Guide to Aging Gracefully Inside and Out

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There are so many “perks” that accompany menopause—hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, depression, dry skin, digestive issues, and the dreaded billy goat chin hair. Those are just a few of the symptoms women bring to the party as we travel through the aging process. In her guide to aging gracefully inside and out, seasoned makeup artist Karin Jenkins offers women practical advice on how to look their best while growing older. Jenkins, a popular columnist and celebrity makeup artist, shares a step-by-step process that identifies common issues, recommends solutions, and provides pointers on how to survive the joys of menopause. While offering wisdom on skin care, makeup application, and beauty supplies, Jenkins shares what really works and what doesn’t while encouraging menopausal women to embrace a healthy lifestyle, practice gratitude, and cherish dreams and passions. An honest look at the aging process that offers useful tips for menopausal women who want to feel beautiful, both inside and out.

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