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Jason Longfellow, Werewolf.: A Young Adult Fantasy.

208 pages3 hours


Sixteen year-old Jason Longfellow, a farmer’s son, didn’t know what was awaiting him at the local market. He was expecting to buy a pair of shoes, which he did … and as he was doing so he met the prettiest girl he had ever seen, but what he wasn’t aware of right then, was that meeting her would change his whole life, in fact, turn the world, as he knew it, upside down and inside out.
It wasn’t until much later, in fact two years after receiving astounding news about his heritage, that Jason came once more into contact with that someone, that pretty girl from the shoe shop, who, to his disappointment, turned out to be an elf.
All things come to a head when she, Jennifer Townsend, turns up at his college windowsill in the middle of a harsh winter pleading for his help, and she leads him and his friends on an adventure, a hazardous mission fraught with danger, an event in which he will come to know his real self as he fights to defend those nearest and dearest to him in a fierce battle against an unrelenting enemy in the Welsh mountains, a perilous mission to thwart the intentions of their worst enemy, a journey plagued by more than one mysterious antagonist..

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