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Indoor Games For Awkward Moments

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PREFACE THE object of this volume is to try and lessen the number of dreadful pauses which so many hostesses have experienced with their guests when no one bad courage enough to propose a new game, or had foresight enough to come prepared with a mental list of games that have a right good swing to them. This collection will sufice as a background for working purposes, and while many of them may be familiar, at the same time one does not always think of them readily, and will welcome these as a friend in need. The games under the heading Competitions need preparing in advance, as they cannot be rushed at the last minute. It is as well to decide before sending out the invitations what is to be the principal game of the evening, and then write it on the invitation card. An Evening with Kate will arouse the curiosity of those who do not know the games, and make them all the more anxious to come and find out.................

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