The Prodigy

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The Prodigy

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Kyle Ambrose is a walking, talking, breathing contradiction. A brilliant childhood prodigy, a violent and self-destructive teen, and a wildly successful novelist and screen-play writer, who for the last twenty years , has shunned the glare of fame in his adopted home town of New Orleans. There, surrounded by a close knit group of childhood friends known as the Irish Channel wolf pack, he's remained a mystery to his fans and the world for over twenty years. Ever since writing his first blockbuster at age fifteen he's avoided the prying eyes of the public, but now at thirty-five years of age, he has a problem. Marcy, his wife and agent for the last twenty-years has left him, and he must decide where his future lies. With no clear path forward, he must look back, to a troubled and sometimes violent childhood for the answer to an age-old question. What comes next?
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