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The Mercedes W112 Fintail

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The innovative 300SE W112 was the most technically advanced sedan at the time of its launch in 1961. Yet it disappointed its makers in terms of its sales success. The two-door models, introduced in 1962, did not sell much better. This 180-page book, updated in March 2018, tells the W112’s story. It comes with a comprehensive buyer’s guide and looks at their recent price development. These are some of the topics covered:
•The development of the W112
•The 300SE
•The 300SE lang
•The racing history
•The development of the two-door models
•The 300SE Coupe and Cabriolet
•300SE vs. Jaguar Mk 10
•W112 chassis number explained
•W112 data card explained
•What is my W112 worth, with a price development from Feb. 2010 to Feb. 2018
•W112 buyer’s guide
•Paint and interior options
•Technical specifications

A separate chapter is devoted to Fritz Nallinger. He was member of the executive board at Daimler-Benz and in charge of all passenger car activities. This guide ends with a free book offer. Enjoy!

The author Bernd S. Koehling has over 25 Mercedes books and e-books to his credit. They cover cars from the 1936 170V to the 2012 SL R231.

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