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The Magic Within

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In a land lost in time and in its own history Evander and his band mates, once valorous and powerful warriors, find themselves with an inexperienced sorcerer who, apparently is the key for their Queen to regain her throne and for their land to be restored to it's former glory.
Everything Tommy ever wanted was to be a professional musician, to make a living from his guitars. When he landed a spot in the band of the most successful singer in the country, he thought he had hit the jackpot. Little did he know that being a member of Evander's band would change his life, and his heart, forever.
There are a lot of things Evander doesn't know about his new bassist, but he knows the skinny, blond man is important for his future. In fact, he's important for the future of their entire world as an old enemy rises once again, bringing war and destruction and the revelation of important secrets that were left alone for too long.

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