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Blood in the Coffee Stream

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After centuries of fighting between their races followed by an uneasy truce, a live-action role playing game is the last place a vampire like Dallas expects to meet a mage like Syra. His superiors insist he get to know her and learn if her people still pose a threat to them. Syra is reluctant to deal with him at first, but he's the only person who knows what she really is. As a mage, much of her secretive life is already predetermined, including who she's going to marry. Dallas uses her loneliness to get close to her but not too close. His last mission involving a mage was a disaster. The last thing he wants is a repeat performance.
As the two of them get closer, Dallas's mentor (and one time partner in crime) Tanis arrives, bringing her hatred of mages with her. Dallas must contend with Tanis as Syra is forced to visit her repulsive future husband and his overbearing family. Desperate to live her life while she has some control, Syra turns to Dallas for help. When an accident threatens both their sanity and their safety, Syra must choose between her life and her freedom before Tanis makes the decision for her.

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