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Compensating for Something: A Dark Comedy

116 pages1 hour


Lindsey and Martin arrive back in New York to discover that Nazis have taken over the city. Jello whipping aliens are on their way to Earth, the priceless painting they have bought has been ruined. The Nazi Hammersmith has taken over the world and has killed all the Jews. Ouch. How can the Jewish brother's and sister's snappy one-liner's save the planet from such formidable foes?

You also get to meet Druidic King Wooster and his manservant Jeeves, who are hosting some surprising people. Can you find all of the Easter Eggs hidden in the book? What are you reading this synopsis when the first EBook is free from Smashwords and their affiliates? What is the name of my dog? You might find the answers to these and other questions which aren't quite as interesting when you read this book.

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