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Unlabeled Life: How to Shred Your Labels and Reveal Your True Self!

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Who are you, really? Short. Tall. Fat. Attractive. Boring. Shy. Fun. Bossy. Inept. Clumsy. Untalented. Athletic. Ditzy. Timid. Weak. Smart. Immature. Bitchy. Cold. Failure. Religious. Geek. Perfectionist. Lazy.
Labels are a smokescreen. They don't tell us anything that truly matters about the person being described. We've all been labeled in our lives. We wear these labels that mold our perception and influence all our choices.
LeeAnne Mendenhall knows this all too well, because she has battled labels her entire life. About family. About faith. About her choices. The debilitating effects of a rare autoimmune disorder, combined with the importance added to these labels, almost pushed her to end her own life. She has since come to appreciate the amazing lessons learned from rebuilding her life back up from rock bottom, free from the burden of labels.
As a Certified Professional Coach, LeeAnne has helped others fight the false labels that imprison them and prevent them from becoming who they were meant to be, that keep them from reaching for their dreams, and that stop them from living the life they deserve.
Unlabeled Life: How to Shred Your Labels and Reveal Your True Self! is a journey through LeeAnne’s personal struggles and the wisdom gained through these trials. With insightful questions at the end of each chapter, the lessons within can provide encouragement and understanding to others struggling with the mislabels in their lives.
Are you ready to live a life of freedom, clarity, and purpose? Let’s get started!

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