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Stories from the Cosmic Grill: It's Fiction for the Unconscious Mind

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Are you ready to read some true stories, told differently? No shame. No embarrassment . . . Well, maybe a little embarrassment, but just enough to make you smile.

You’ve spent your entire lifetime telling yourself stories. Romance. Tragedies. Snarky little things. Epic dramas. Each one was the absolute truth, because everything you tell yourself is the absolute truth. Of course, your absolute truths evolve as you do. That’s what keeps your stories fresh.

Yet, many of the stories you tell yourself probably feed your inner dragons far better than they feed your soul. And that is why this book exists.

Stories from the Cosmic Grill is a collection of 50 short stories that re-imagine how we define ourselves and our place in the grander scheme of things. They are honest. They are prescriptive. And each one speaks to just one person - YOU.

This book is filled with doorways to new beginnings, new endings, and the limitless choice that lies between the two.

It is a book that sees the stories you tell yourself for what they are - STORIES - and helps the imagination reframe those stories so you can stop tripping over them.

Stories from the Cosmic Grill is not fiction the way you tend to think of fiction. There is very little dialogue. And aside from the fact that everyone who works at the Grill is called Sal, there are almost no named characters.

Instead, this book talks to the unconscious mind - that place where the storyteller weaves inner tales that draw and redraw your picture of the world. It asks little but that you consider what might be possible - however difficult the subject. Then it takes you to the edge of all you believe to be true, and invites you to play.

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