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Meaningful Omissions

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Most girls Lilly McGrath’s age dream about “happily ever after” – a stereotype fueled by her mother’s success as a novelist. Lilly’s goals are simple: get a driver’s license, get accepted to college, and graduate. But when Glen Fisher is hired to landscape her property, Lilly’s world is flipped ass-over-end. Glen is aloof, older, and frighteningly attractive! She falls for him as only a seventeen-year-old can – completely.

The growing notoriety of her mother’s work has turned Lilly into a magnet for a lot of uninvited attention, especially from those intent on making her life hell. Glen intercedes in a sticky situation, resulting in an offer she can’t refuse – driving lessons.

Now, she must navigate the quagmire of emotion Glen has induced: infatuation, temptation and frustration. His attention makes no sense. Anonymous notes start showing up for her to find – threats going well beyond juvenile intimidation. Can she swallow her pride and ask for his help or are Glen’s motivations a bit more sinister than he’s leading on?

Meaningful Omissions explores the boundaries between trust and friendship, truth and betrayal, obsession and love, and how the omission of the simplest detail can obscure the path between “once upon a time” and “happily ever after.”

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