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Shattered, An After Ever Series Novel

327 pages5 hours


One year has passed since Cinderella married her prince, but the time has come for the evil stepmother, Lady Rayne, to atone for her sins. She is judged and convicted guilty in the eyes of the court and the people. Banished from the kingdom, far away from all things familiar, she decides to take charge of her destiny. In her crusade for the truth she unweaves a web of dark secrets and harrowing deception spun by the princess at the helm of the mighty kingdom. Unwittingly, she fuels revolution, and leads a roar for change. Though, truth is on her side, the other forces refuse to capitulate, and the clashing sides fight until only one remains.

In the first novel of the After Ever series, the familiar story of Cinderella is turned on its head. Maybe the wicked stepmother is not so evil after all?

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