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A Writer For All Seasons: Beat Blocks, Face Your Fears And Keep Writing

Length: 124 pages1 hour


This is an essential handbook for every writer, covering the barriers and blocks writers face throughout their writing journey.

If you’ve hit a block, it will help you get productive, recapture the joy of writing and get your story out to the world.

If you’ve always wanted to write but keep putting it off, this book is also for you. It will help you banish resistance once and for all.

You’ll discover:

- Why more time is not what you need and how to make time for writing
- How to keep writing when dark clouds loom or you lose your way
- The major blocks that challenge every writer – and how to get over them
- How to stop putting your writing off
- How to deal with criticism, self-doubt and fear of the blank page
- The power and value of your words

This book will help you get productive and stay productive as you take major steps.

Above all, it will help you feel good about your writing.

Frances Booth is an experienced author and journalist who has worked in UK national newspapers for more than 10 years. Her first book, The Distraction Trap, was translated into six languages including Korean, Spanish and Italian. She has written for and been featured in many publications worldwide including Forbes and Vanity Fair.

Her writing style is motivational and inspiring. In this book, she shares vital tips and her enthusiasm for words.

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