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To Catch A Christmas Thief

Length: 190 pages2 hours


What would you do for justice . . . and love?

Benji Marsters wants justice. He is not a thief, and there's nothing he won't do to prove it, including returning to the scene of the crime he was framed for.

After an unexpected and bitter break up, Carolina Mayweather is not looking for love. In fact, she's not even sure if she trusts men anymore. Not only that, she is jobless, homeless and has lost hope for her future.

When Benji breaks in to the mansion of her ex-boyfriend's family - where Carolina has been illegally staying - he convinces her to help him prove his innocence. Intrigued by the man, and hoping it will help her achieve closure from her recent split, she agrees. 

From the moment they embark on the quest, they are thwarted by someone who doesn't want them to uncover the truth. The real thief. Who is it, and how far will they go to keep their identity secret? The situation is further complicated by the one thing neither Carolina nor Benji expected: falling in love.

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