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What We All Need: A Christmas Essay on Sex, War, and Christian Love

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To celebrate the Christmas season, with its injunction: “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful!” this special edition of “What We All Need” (the comic-satirical-anti-war essay) draws lessons from President Clinton's financially disastrous refusal to come clean about his coming. From the Christmas angels’ singing “Peace on earth to all men of goodwill,” this essay questions George W. Bush's un-Christian bomb-love and the crucial role of sex in the achievement of world peace. This is a long political and socio-economic essay that questions political correctness, the priorities of NGOs and most governments (Singapore is one exception), and also makes a few comments especially relevant to sexually repressed countries like India. It is a different and newer version of the essay that was originally published in “What We All Need” (the 2005 book), and ranges over a number of subjects such as war and peace, language and politics, and men and women. Around 4500 words (18 pages)

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