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What Happens at Salvation Series

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This book is a collection of life transforming bible study series on benefits of redemption which has blessed many lives and help them to overcome satanic oppression and assaults. It is going to be a huge blessings to your christian life and spiritual development. You will be imparted with grace and audacity to face the devil and his angels without fear. You will learn in this book that :
1. You have dominion over the devil
2.You are absolutely free from the authority of darkness
3. You are born for divinity
4. You have God's kind of ability and therefore you can do all things in the name of Jesus
5. The evil one has no right anymore to torment you
6. You have power over sin and circumstance of life.
Your knowledge of what Christ has done for you in His death and resurrection will increase and the simplicity of the writing will enable you to turn the knowledge to wisdom for living.

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