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Nine Worlds



Book 4 of the Nine Worlds (previously Unbound series)

Rogue wolf-shapeshifter Leifi Vik didn’t ask to be sent to Gunngar, a land caught between worlds and times, but he was making the best of it and he’d found a place of sorts for himself. Yes, his job was hunting rather than protecting, but the elf princess he served had yet to find any of the witches she seemed determined to destroy. So what was the harm?

Witch Heather Moore knew as soon as she walked through the portal into Gunngar, that she was somewhere very different than the human world she’d just left. She was scared, but strong. That is until she realized she’d landed in the middle of a witch hunt, led by the rogue wolf Leifi who she’d come to respect for his protective spirit and honor. Had Leifi changed, or had she not known him at all before?

Soon Leifi realizes the witch hunts are all too real and deadly, but he also discovers that the rogues he’d brought with him into Gunngar are not free as he’d thought. They are captive and as much at risk as the witches.
His loyalties are torn: the witch he has come to love or the wolves he is honor bound to save?

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