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Lady of the Caravan: Ancient Egyptian Romances, #4

Length: 457 pages7 hours


Penebui is certain she’ll fall madly in love with her new husband… once she makes the long journey across the unfamiliar desert to meet him, that is. She knows her duty is to marry strategically, and the chief of one of the most powerful nomadic desert tribes could help save her beloved cousin’s delicate regency. There are just a few small obstacles to overcome; Penebui has never stepped foot into the desert, the man chosen to lead her to her fate scorns her, and someone might be trying to kill her.

Menes has one last duty to fulfill before he can settle into his new life as the commander of an oasis outpost. All he needs to do is get the queen’s cousin safely across the desert so that she can marry the head of his tribe, a simple enough task for an experienced caravan leader such as himself. Except the woman in his charge draws trouble with every step, and she refuses to listen to a thing he says.

Follow Penebui and Menes as they brave the dangers of the great desert to prevent a tribal war that threatens the peace of Kemet.

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