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Dragon Renegade: A Rebel Dragons Motorcycle Club Romance, #2

Length: 98 pages1 hour


She’s a tangled ball of yarn, a complete mess. Why can’t she get her life together?

He’s my brother’s enemy. He’s everything I’m not. My ex’s rival.

When Roxy Brooks falls, she falls hard. Not in love, but in life. Scraped off the bathroom floor of a seedy strip joint, she’s forced to face reality. Her ragged and dangerous ways have almost left her dead. The only way to survive is to change the only life she’s ever known.

Carter (AKA Bear) is a no-nonsense, rough and ready member of the Rebel Dragons Motorcycle Club. When he drags Roxy to the emergency room for help, he’s left wondering why he’s even sitting there. If he takes her under his wing, he’ll be disappointed. If he lets her go, she may wind up dead. Pushing against the odds and a rivalry bike club, Bear decides to reach out and save a lost soul. Will he regret ever getting involved?

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