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Gold is for Greed: John Devin, PI, #3

288 pages4 hours


A mother walks into John Devin, PI’s office with one request - clear her son of a murder he didn’t commit, before he’s executed, the next day. Right. And the murder? Only Liliana McGann, the biggest starlet in Hollywood. Used by everyone who could get a piece of her until someone was finally done - and killed her. Devin plows through bad cops, organized crime, and the biggest studio in town in a race against the clock, with a guy about to die, to get who actually did it until there’s only one thing sure in the end: Hollywood - will never be the same.

If you like your detectives hard-boiled and with attitude, with a strong sense of right, and characters you want to spend time with, grab "Gold is for Greed" today. Then join Devin as he solves his way through the amazing 1930s - the most dangerous, glittering, low-life time in Los Angeles’ crime filled history.

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