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Mister Officer (Interracial Black M Cop / White F Erotic Romance)

Length: 39 pages29 minutes


Leah is a lonely housewife waiting for her husband to come back from yet another business trip. She's been suspcious of his activities for quite some time however she's never had any proof. As she lies in bed feeling frustrated, she decides to use her favorite toy to get her out of her unhappy mood. As she turns it on, she realizes that its been broken from the last time she used it.

She heads out to towards the nearest novelty store and buys a new one. Unfortunately for her, she gets pulled over by a big black police officer while she's busy contemplating about her husband. The officer let's her know of the fact that she ran a stop sign and her car is over tinted. The day seems to be getting worst for Leah when her newly bought toy falls out of the passenger side compartment while she reaches for her registration papers.

The surprised officer takes note and offers her a way out of the ticket. Leah's surprised at first but once she sees what the big black man has to offer, she starts to have second thoughts. Does Leah take the offer from the kind, big black muscular officer?

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