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Changing Tides

Length: 377 pages7 hours


When Aria walked away from what she had in Nashville, she almost thought she'd be single forever. She held on to best friends and band mates for support, thinking that she'd lost her only chance at love. She knew better, but she couldn't help from wondering. Was he the guy she was supposed to be with? After his disappearance, she realized that she was a lot better off with her first love - the Cockspur Island Lighthouse. What she didn't need was another relationship that inspired a ballad. She concentrated on the lighthouse instead and found the inspiration she'd been searching for.

Garrison was determined to find his way back to Aria. He'd made the mistake of turning his back on her once, but living without her wasn't easy. His feelings changed like the tides. He hoped they would last, but what would happen if she was right? Was he willing to give up his career for her? He found her again, but when the hurricane hit it was like he was washed away back into the ocean of loneliness. Maybe the tides would change, but would he ever get that chance again?

When the tides change at a lighthouse, you can lose yourself in the waves or find your way to land...It changes with the changing of the tides.

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