Fundamental Doctrine Of Islam And Its Pragmatism
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After 9/11 incidents, I was serious of investigating the causes of this unprecedented actions by the followers of Islam, the religion that is based on peace. After careful serious thought and study I came to a conclusion that the main factor is Muslims rulers, Molvis, Mullahs and imams were and are as a general rule unfortunately a default profession coupled with their ulterior motives. These situations created a big vacuum in rightful interpretation, compassionate reasoning, and purpose, most importantly in forming an idea in the mind with suitableness of complex and refine contents of each ayat (verse) of divine message; especially the revelation of divine message is in Arabic in form of 'speech'. Qur'anic Arabic is too rich and complicated to be interpreted and acted upon. Muslims need elite scholarship to undertake to solve this problem that coordinates all contemporary societies and communities for peaceful co-existence with respect and progress. Qur'anic Quote"Killing one is like killing all of humanity" (Surah Maidah 5: 32)"Allah does change the lives of people unless they themselvesmake then decision to change" (Surah Raad 13:11)
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