Meows, Magic, & Wands: Lake Forest Witches, #5

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Meows, Magic, & Wands: Lake Forest Witches, #5

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Length: 130 pages1 hour


Lake Forest is hosting the first annual Festival of Witches, showcasing the witches in town. Nobody asked Lake Forest witch Petunia Patterson her opinion as Aunt Maxine assigns her to keep a group of trick-or-treaters out of trouble, who have been bussed into town on Halloween night. But when the children get their hands on a real witches wand — trouble is the last thing Petunia will be able to stop from happening.

The festival also brings strangers to town, ones who might be witches. Add one store on wheels that sells magical items and you have the makings of quite the mystery as Petunia is convinced Lake Forest is now enchanted!

Will Petunia and her cat Pansy be able to solve the mystery before a catastrophe happens? 

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