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Rhino: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Length: 270 pages3 hours



Alex Vann Haden is an arrogant prick.

Four years at the same college and he didn’t even look at me.

Six years later and he wants me to interview him.

One week on his private island out in the middle of nowhere.

Me and the man they now call The Rhino.

And apparently it’s not because he’s got a small brain either.

A full on, no holds barred, anything goes, exposé.

Alex Vann Haden stripped bare.

Yeah, right.

I hate him so much I could scream.

I wonder if this time he’ll have the balls to make me.



Lucy and I haven’t seen each other for over six years, but that doesn’t matter.

I know I can have absolutely anything I want, and right now it’s time for me to prove it.

It’s not going to take me a week either, I’ll bet my career on that.

One day? Maybe two.

Soon enough she’ll be struggling to resist me.

That’s the thing about me.

If there’s something I want, nothing can stand in my way.

I’m an endangered species, and I’ve got to fight for my survival.

Wild, huge, and impossibly horny. It's all true.

Lucy won't let the rhino go extinct, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

**This is a standalone, full length, bad boy sports romance with a secret baby, absolutely no cheating, and a happy ever after. It’s heavy on the steam, and has just enough sports action to be enjoyed by fans of both genres.**

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