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Faery Revenge: The War Faery Trilogy, #3

546 pages7 hours


Another book by the multi-award-winning novelist Donna Joy Usher.

Please note - Unlike the first two books in The War Faery Trilogy, Faery Revenge contains some sexual content.

The veil is sealed for thirty days and Izzy is looking for distractions to help her forget about Aethan. When a strange dragon and rider appear in Eynsford, Izzy and Isla travel with Emerald to another world. There, they discover the mystical city of Millenia; home to to a band of renegade dark faeries, Ubanty and dragons.

Unable to return, Izzy is forced to battle pirates, assassins, and the advances of the devastatingly handsome Turos.

But at home, the shadow of war is marching across the land. Santanas is back and gathering an army, and Izzy is needed.

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