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Dear Americans

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Dear Americans is a letter with the purpose to inspire Americans to heal their democracy. It claims that the root of Americas illness lies in the concept of political correctness. Its key argument is that a society needs both, Conservatives and Progressives, just like a sports team needs both, good Defense and good Offense players, in order to succeed. However, for conservatives and progressives to work together again, they need to open the language of the public forum to all members of society. It also highlights a couple of strategies how Americas democracy can be made more resilient. It goes on to call out Progressives and Conservatives directly for having lost their real identity, i.e. their sense what it actually means to be really progressive or conservative, respectively. Two chapters lay out how Americans can put the deeply divisive issues of guns and abortions behind them. In a final chapter it offers advice to president-elect how to succeed in making America great again.

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