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“You have done what? Are you out of your mind? Don't think for a second we will be looking after her for you". This was the first response to the news that our daughter had bought a puppy.
On her own, with a full time job, a two bedroom city flat and now a puppy, life was definitely about to become interesting.
And how wrong we were, as Essie became an integral part of the family.
Essie is the story of a white Boxer who really should not have survived, but went on to enrich the lives of everyone who met her.
Take a look through Essie's eyes as she reflects on her life as it draws to a close. A relatively short life filled with love, fun and adventures.
An intelligent and gifted dog, with a beautiful nature but highly selective hearing!
Smile warmly and remember with us as we celebrate Essie's life through the pages and photographs of this short story.
All the profits from this book will be donated to the Happy Landings Animal Rescue Centre, Somerset.

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