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Lent Discussions for Curious Christians: Conversations in the Purple Season

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“Lent Discussions for Curious Christians” stimulates engaging conversations for study groups during the six weeks of Lent, which is why there are six chapters. Each chapter begins with discussion starters to stimulate the conversation. Then reflections and background information is provided followed by scripture texts connected to the questions.

The discussions push the envelope to raise tough questions about Jesus final weeks, his death and resurrection. However, wrestling with challenging ideas is creative because the mind attempts to resolve conflict. Conversation with other questioners contains the potential to strengthen current belief, to grow one’s faith, to love God with our minds as well as our hearts and to consider which parts of belief are most important.

Some of the questions raised by curious Christians include: Why did God allow Jesus to die? Was Jesus God, man or both? As the stone which the builders rejected, Jesus faced rejection. How do you face rejection? What was Jesus doing during Lent? What if a person has serious questions about the physical resurrection? How can you understand the idea that Jesus died for our sins? Could there be another understanding? What was the last thing Jesus revealed the night before he died? What comes after Jesus?

As curious Christians, we are well-served to work our way through Lent so that we are more fully prepared to celebrate the Day of Resurrection. Allow yourself and your group to seek the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth, to remind you of Jesus’ teachings and to build up your faith through the asking of questions.

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