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Zombie Outbreak Survival: Make America Zombie Free Again

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My fellow American survivors, it's the American election season and change is a comin'. What would the great speeches sound like against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse? And so, at the risk of what others might think, I thought I would try another speech. Here is the “Make America Great Again” speech, zombified.

Who am I? I’m Captain Allen, USMC, a certified Zombie Outbreak Survival Expert. You already know you can count on me for great zombie apocalypse survival ideas, but I want you to come to me for all your zombie apocalypse and zombie outbreak needs. Of course, survival is my expertise. I promise to continue delivering the survival goods to you as I continue to write. I thought for this PSA, I would take an interesting detour.

Oddly enough, you will see gun control, healthcare, the economy, immigration, political elites, racism, education, and foreign policy all carry very heavy gravitas even in a zombie apocalypse.

If you want the people you love to survive, you'll read my books. If you don't care if they survive, screw 'em...but read my books any way.

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