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You're Hired!

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Why aren’t employers hiring you after your job interview? You can do the job just as well as those other job-seeking candidates! It’s frustrating going through the whole interview process over and over again only to find out you weren’t selected for the job. What’s missing? Isn’t it time you started passing those job interviews and hearing those words: “You’re hired”? Yes, this is your time and this is the book that will get employers to hire you above other job seekers.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on poorly written books with little substance. The award-winning YOU’RE HIRED! is rated "Best in Class" by winning the Independent Book Publishers Association 2017 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DIGITAL AWARD.

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If you’re an employed or unemployed job seeker, this book is for you.

Whether you have a degree, are working on a degree, recent grad or have no college education at all, this book is for you.

First time looking for work, been working for decades, laid off or been out of the job market for a while? This book is for you.

If you’re job-hopping, changing careers or a transitioning military veteran, this book is for you.

This book will provide you the latest interview questions and answers, preparation tips and examples on what job seekers and career changers must know and do before, during and after the job interview in order to get hired.

Want to know what questions are being asked in today’s job interviews? This book will provide you all of those interview questions and the answers you should provide to interviewers.

Ever been fearful of or intimidated by job interviews? Discover the tips and exercises that will calm your nerves, replace your jitters with nerves of steel, and give you the confidence to walk in that interview room like you own the place, ready for any question they throw at you.

Have you ever wondered what hiring managers and interviewers are really looking for in a job candidate? How important is your social media posts to interviewers? Why is your technical fit and cultural fit crucial to getting hired? Why is what I say during introductions important to interviewers? What things should you avoid talking about? Get these answers and more in this book.

Hiring managers and interviewers will also be looking at your dress and appearance during the in-person interview. Do you know how to dress for success when it comes to job interviews? I take the guesswork out of the styles, colors, materials, outfits, jewelry, hairstyles and accessories that work best for job interviews. With the detailed information I provide about men’s and women’s dress and appearance, you can quickly prepare yourself and your suit or outfit ahead of time with confidence and success, knowing that you will look the part every time for your next job interview.

Should you talk about salary during your job interview? Are there right ways and wrong ways to talk about salary in your interview? How should I respond to salary questions from hiring managers? This book will provide you plenty of proven information, scenarios and examples that will answer these questions.

Purchase your copy now to make one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make toward improving your success in your career and life.

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