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Alcoholics Anonymous: The Alcoholics Anonymous Guide: 12 Steps and 12 New Habits & Tips that will help you recover from Alcoholism

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Alcoholism has become something common that you probably know a person or two who are struggling with alcoholism. This book provides useful Information on a variety of topics relating to alcoholism.

There is a very thin line between safe alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse; however, alcohol abuse is not necessarily alcoholism. It is possible that you may be bordering on alcoholism without even knowing it. If you have difficulty letting go of the bottle, do not despair, there are processes and means of getting you out.

This however requires determination, personal will power, time and most importantly the support of people who are important to you; like close family and friends. It is not something you just wake up and decide to do, same way you did not just wake up one morning and become an alcoholic; it takes time to form a habit.

I will also look at alcoholics anonymous and how it works. What most people don’t realize is that you don’t have to be an alcoholic to have a drinking problem.

This book tackles the alcoholism issues from all fronts. We will look at alcoholism from all angles and perspectives. It is divided in the following chapters to help you understand:

- Introduction to alcoholism

- What drives people to alcoholism

- Signs that you are an alcoholic or becoming one (The alcoholism risk factors)

- Effects of excessive alcohol consumption on an individual and those around him

- 12 steps and habits that will help you recover from alcoholism

- Conclusion

I will talk about what alcoholism is, what drives a person to be dependent on alcohol, the signs that a person is addicted to alcohol and finally, ways one can recover from alcoholism.

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