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You Too Can Be Free

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Rarely do we find a book on pornography and masturbation that does not adopt an extreme approach. Often, the tone is touchy and sanctimonious on one hand, or harsh and demanding on the other.

Not this book, though.

YOU TOO CAN BE FREE tackles this subject in a manner that is balanced, compassionate and compelling. Drawing from the personal struggles and victories of the author, it is also laden with well-researched facts and analysis, it explores the impacts of these twin vices on the physical, relational and spiritual health of an individual, offering a fail-safe pathway to freedom and restoration.

If you're looking for a book of rules, a set of DOs and DON'Ts on pornography and masturbation, you might have to look elsewhere. This is not just an insightful book, it is one that inspires a lifestyle change, motivated by faith in God's unfailing love. Promise Tewogbola shows that depending on our senses and ability to live uprightly would leave us constantly burned out. But total reliance on the grace of God will empower us to make the day to day decisions we need to stay free from sexual contamination.

He shares some biblical perspectives on how to be free from mindsets that portray our God as an accuser who lurks in the shadows, waiting for us to fail only so that He can condemn us to hell. It offers hope for everyone. We find in the pages of this book, that freedom is possible from the shame and guilt that persists even after one has won the victory over sin.

YOU TOO CAN BE FREE is an important book, not just for young adults, but for everyone who wishes to continually win the battle against pornography and masturbation. There is enough of the fire of God within this book to ignite the heart of an entire generation and get them healed.

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