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We're Gonna Be Friends Forever: a Hotwife Finale

Length: 38 pages36 minutes


Kathy, the stunning hotwife, and Mike, his loving husband and cuckold, are moving out of town! But they're not the kind that goes away with a whimper.

In their adventures they have met so many people, and so intimately... that they have decided to meet them all one last time!

Everyone is invited to the hottest party of their lives. The muscular black guy, the tall
basketball player, the big chested Latin lover, the gorgeous black girl, the petite brunette, the blond millionaire, the curvy hottie, the secret admirer, the Russian doll and many more will be there... as many as sixteen people sharing an unforgettable moment of unbounded horniness and mighty pleasure!

The saga of Kathy's and Mike's sexy adventures closes with the most awesome story in the bunch. Truly an experience neither the protagonists nor the readers will be able to forget!

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