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Shades of the Sea and Flame: Blood Pearl (Book 1)

Length: 120 pages1 hour


Shades of the Sea and Flame: Blood Pearl (Book 1)

A Sanguinem Emere Novel

A Dark Romance Horror with hints of erotica, set in the political and fictional city of New Babylon

"From the moment we're born, we're told we are weak."

Weak girls marry for title. Weak girls do as they are told. Ida Blanchefleur is not weak.

When her wedding night devolves into a graveyard nightmare, a series of events begins to unfold that carries Ida towards one horrifying decision: To choose between her own happiness, as dark and mysterious as it is, and the family legacy she has been sworn to uphold. Will Ida choose to uplift her family and regain them the wealth and privilege their dark patrons have promised? Or will she follow her heart as it leads her into a darkness as deep as the ocean floor where the Livyatan lurk?

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