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Riparian Station

Length: 475 pages8 hours


Riparian Station is an acid trip away from a universe ordered by God into the recesses of nihilism finding a surf film, good fishing, and meaning in being a one of in a chaotic universe rather than step in a cycle. Stream of consciousness does not adequately describe this narrative, unless the stream is the Love Canal - toxic and flammable. Australia and LSD provide the landscape for the pointless journey. A Ford Falcon, surf board and ravishing mind are the transportation for this ride. Fishing, sex, and love are the washboard for this road. The philosophy of Riparian Station can best be summed up by Sophia's (a main character) view on sex, "Sex should be like Special Olympics, everyone involved makes screwed up faces and strange noises and everyone is a winner in the end."


Riparian Station is the best thing the author has written but it maybe unreadable. All art is perfect but can be hard to look at. Hopefully, it is unreadable in the way that Finnegan’s Wake is reported to be but likely not.

Riparian Station’s proses are unapologetically ugly and truthful to the dyslexia of the author's ability. They have not been made artful or acceptable to grammar Nazi’s and bibliophiles. The author was more concerned with parts of writing that matter, the Ideas. Do not read Riparian Station if you cannot accept bad writing concealing beautiful ideas.

Riparian Station proves God does not exist.

Riparian Station points out the major flaw with Ernest Hemingway’s, The Old Man and the Sea but it is a long way through the book.

Famous Canadian writer Dennis E. Bolen when confronted with Riparian Station mused:

Existentialism served hot and blistered under an Australian sun...dry and straight like a road through the outback.

Not so much a novel as a non-stop mono-stream of fishing, drugs, travel, sex, science, rock and roll, surfing, philosophy, impaired driving, escape, mental incarceration, masturbation and love.

An unapologetic dissipation of decency, a mad, aimless flight without

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