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Yayyy! I Scored with your Black Friend: a Hotwife Touchdown

Length: 26 pages24 minutes


Who said that black guys are hotter? Whoever it was, she was... completely right!

Kathy has been a hotwife for a while already, but every time she finds alone with her own thoughts, she thinks of one and only one guy: Kyle, his husband's hot black friend! She remembers the way he took possession of her, the confidence with which he made her do naughty, unspeakable things. And she wants more of that!

A seemingly abandoned white van on an empty street, in the middle of the night, will be the place where she'll meet the big, strong stud once again. But will she be safe? Can she keep the situation under control when Kyle is about to do everything he can to make her lose control of herself? Will they be stopped by the neighbours who are listening to the sounds coming from the van? And what will happen when they have to cross the street to get into a more comfortable place?

Kathy has never done anything so risky or exposed herself so much. She's not only excited by the prospect of meeting him, she's feeling the adrenaline rush and the thrill of danger!

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