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Milking The Mommy Next Door

Length: 27 pages16 minutes


Breastfeeding young milf is blackmailed for sex
Her debt problems are solved in exchange for her horny body and warm milk!
Danielle's public breastfeeding was doing things to her neighbour, who wanted nothing more than to get his hand on her nubile young body and full breasts! Then he discovered she had a severe debt problem that his computer hacking skills were uniquely placed to resolve. He did her a big favour and then made it very clear just what he wanted in return! She was now in his debt and was soon to discover just what that meant!

˃˃˃ Extract:
My hand moved to her creamy tit and squeezed it through her dress. “You, Danielle. I want you!”

Her pelvis moved unconsciously towards me ever so slightly and I stroked her hip. “I’m married,” she whined. “I can’t cheat on my husband.”

I stood up and wrapped my arm behind her back. She leant back and her lips parted, waiting for the inevitable kiss. “He deserves to be cheated on, the way he treated you this morning,” I whispered. “You deserve so much better.” I closed the distance and kissed her hungrily.

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