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Shades of the Sea and Flame: Blood Expanse (Book 3)

Length: 96 pages1 hour


Shades of the Sea and Flame: Blood Pearl (Book 1)

A Sanguinem Emere Novel

A Dark Romance Horror with hints of erotica, set in the political and fictional city of New Babylon

Some love transcends death, but can it transcend the ravages of human cruelty?

Ida loved, lost, and loved again. But love is fickle, even if it is blind, and turning a blind eye to the cruelty of her lover is something she can't abide. Not when she falls victim to him with every stolen glance. When Louka steps back into her life as something more than just a monster, Ida struggles to embrace him. And as the dark world she's dipped her toes into becomes ever more dense and violent, she endures to put an end to her own suffering. But at what cost?

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