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Signed Over to the Billionaire

Length: 91 pages1 hour


When Malorne came to Kirin asking to drill on his Texas ranch, Kirin thought it was a joke. The animosity between the bear and the bison had been long lived and there was no way Kirin would ever let a bear destroy his land. But Malorne insisted and eventually Kirin gave him a choice. Either he could shut up about it, or Malorne could give Kirin his son.

Jackson has been crushing on his neighbor for years. After all, Kirin is attractive, moody, rich, and just two years older than him. If Kirin didn’t seem to hate him so much Jackson would have gone over there to ask him out a long time ago. There’s a world of difference between a date and suddenly finding himself mated to a guy he’s hardly even spoken to.

With Jackson being his, Kirin is forced to accept Malorne drilling on his land. The bear gets richer and Kirin only has his son in trade. But there’s a mystery Kirin needs to solve; the murder of his little sister, and Jackson might know far more than he realizes about the horrible crime. When it comes to family, Jackson is loyal to his father, and Kirin will have to show him just how foolish it is to trust the wrong people.

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